Who You Impact

You, as an Oasis Medical Center donor, impact people every day. People in crisis situations often seek help and compassion every day. Below are a few stories of lives that were changed.

Jessica* was a student athlete who couldn’t believe she was pregnant. All she could do was cry when she discovered the test was positive. Jessica was worried about how a baby would affect her college athletic career. Abortion seemed like the answer. Compassionate nurses and volunteers spent time listening to her concerns and praying with her. She chose to keep her baby. She let us know that her parents and coaches were very understanding and supportive. She plans to continue her athletic career after her baby is born.

John and Ashley* were a young married couple excited to be pregnant, but were struggling as they dealt with the loss of Ashley’s mother and father. After the death of her parents, she and John assumed responsibility of raising her younger sibling. Now acting as parents for her sibling and also facing the prospect of giving birth to their own child, they reached out for help. Ashley and John signed up for Preparing For Baby and Parenting classes. They bought practical items from our Baby Store with Baby Bucks they earned in class. In addition, John completed all five Fatherhood classes. Both expressed gratitude for the support they found at Oasis.

Sarah* was a college student, who was terrified to tell her parents she was pregnant. She didn’t think she was ready for the responsibility and was convinced her parents would kick her out of the house when they heard the news. When she arrived she was full of fear and considering abortion. Oasis volunteers and nurses were able to provide some much needed encouragement at her point of need. She chose life. When she broke the news to her parents they were actually excited about a grandbaby. She was glad to report she has the full support of both parents.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.