2024 Pregnancy Resource Act Tax Credits

Are you taking advantage of the Pregnancy Resource Act (PRA)? $10 million worth of tax credits are available to you because of this important legislation. Eligible businesses can donate up to half of what they owe the state of Mississippi on their income tax returns to a pregnancy center like Oasis. Yes, you read that correctly! You may be able to donate up to half of your Mississippi income tax liability to Oasis. For example, if an eligible business owes $2,000 to the state of Mississippi on income tax returns, that business can donate $1,000 to Oasis and only owe the state $1,000. Dozens of Oasis supporters have received tax credits over the past two years.

Who Can Apply? 

Business Taxpayers

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Sole Proprietorships

How Do I Get Approved?

We encourage you to first consult your tax advisor, then complete a simple online application with the Mississippi Department of Revenue. You will receive a response letting you know if your business is eligible. 

Why Should I Apply?

To help moms like Ansley*.

Ansley was 23 years old and had a two year old son. Wavering between abortion and parenting, she came to Oasis for help. Our volunteers and nurses listened compassionately to Ansley’s concerns. This pregnancy definitely did not fit into her plans. As Ansley discussed her feelings she stated that she did not want another child, but she couldn’t reconcile abortion with her religious beliefs. She took ultrasound pictures with her and asked to come back for a second ultrasound later. When she arrived for her next visit she smiled and seemed more at ease. Ansley told the nurses she was “in shock” when she first discovered she was pregnant. Today she was relieved to see her baby’s heartbeat. She decided to parent. Ansley’s visit to Oasis gave her time to truly consider her options. She chose life, and her smile said everything!

YOUR tax dollars can make a difference in the lives of women like Ansley. Please consult your tax advisor and apply online. The easy steps for applying are listed below. Please let us know if you are applying for tax credits. The receipt for your contribution must be turned in to the Mississippi department of revenue within seven days of making your donation.

Easy Steps for Submitting Your Application for MS Tax Credit:
  1. Go to tap.dor.ms.gov/_/
  2. Scroll down to the “Apply Online” box.
  3. Click on “Apply for a Charitable Contribution Credit.”
  4. Under Type of Charitable Contribution Credit, click the down arrow and select “PRCO – Pregnancy Resource Charitable Organizations.”
  5. Follow the prompts and complete the application.
  6. If you are approved for the PRA tax credits, contact Oasis (662-287-8001) to make your donation.
  7. We will give you a receipt that must be turned in to MDOR within seven days.

If you have any questions regarding how you can take advantage of the Pregnancy Resource Act tax credits, please contact Matt Mitchell at 662-287-8001 or matt@omcfriends.com.

*Client’s name changed to protect privacy.